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    Mad Soul Child - Dear (Ending song of the movie “The Man from Nowhere” (“아저씨”))

    Just done with watching this movie and I’m T_T-ing all over 
    At first I regretted the fact that I decided to waste my time on it
    because there were just too much swearing in the beginning of the movie 
    Plus I haven’t really watched anything that Wonbin was starring
    (oh right I watched the movie “Mother” but that movie wasn’t about him, it was all focused on Kim Hyeja which was the actress who starred as the mother.)
    yeah of course I didn’t even watched the infamous 가을동화.
    I only know the phrase “웃기지마” and “얼마면 돼” since those parts were being played over and over on the variety shows. 
    So obviously I’m not a huge Wonbin fan.
    ………..well at least until an hour ago lol

    Long-ass-and-expected-to-be-fangirling-too-much-story short, this is a great movie with the great actors/actresses and great ending song. 
    Ten thumbs up if I had any extra thumbs <333333333

    P.S. Thanks for the great movie Wonbin, I think I’ll fall in love with you.
    However, it’s not all because you are one darn handsome guy
    and you had great abs and muscles in other parts of your body
    and you look hot even with the soldier-ish hairdo
    and your nice low voice, huge dark eyes, nice lips, big smile, or anything else.

    so anyways…..얼마면 되겠습니까? to have you as my “old guy in the neighborhood” xD


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