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    Summer with homemade Korean treat ♡ - Redbean and shaved milk, with condensed milk, homemade kiwi enzyme, and peach from the lovely neighbor #homemade #korean #treat #redbean

    Summer with homemade Korean treat ♡ - Redbean and shaved milk, with condensed milk, homemade kiwi enzyme, and peach from the lovely neighbor #homemade #korean #treat #redbean

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    Naul - 바람기억 (Teaser)

    ahhh one of my favorite singers of all and one of the few who makes me wanna buy the actual copy of their album :D  

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    Yoon Gun - When it shows in Hongdae


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    MOT(못) - The Five Sacks (다섯개의 자루)

    I love eAeon(이이언)’s singing AND narrating voice sooooo freaking much T_T
    his voice made this track sound very intense and made the listener wondering what exactly this whole story is talking about. 
    some say it’s about burying bodies after murder, and some say it’s literally about putting away the “bluest days in his life” (whatever that is) and move on.
    and of course I’m for the first one, definitely
    what do you all think? :D

    Narration (Orig):
    나는 파랗던 날들을  다섯개의 자루에 나누어 담았다.
    자루들은 크고 무거웠다.
    난 믿을수 있는 친구들을 불러 차의 트렁크에 자루를 실었다. 
    자루들에선 잘 설명할수 없는 익숙한 냄새가 났고
    그것이 우리를 조심스럽게 혹은 경건하게 했다.
    그러나 눈물을 참는식으로 아무도 입을 열진 않았다. 
    차로 두시간을 달려 도착한 어두운 강가에서 200m정도의 간격으로
    네개의 자루를 물속에 버리고 하나는 근처의 숲에 묻었다.
    숲에 묻는것에 대해선 이견이 있었다. 
    누군가 내게 흔들리는 거냐고 물었지만 다그친투는 아니었다난 작게 끄덕였다
    그러나 모두 나를 이해했다
    단호함의 뒷면이 얼마나 쓸쓸한 모양인지 우리는 잘 알고 있었다.
    모든 것이 끝나가자, 끝나가는 모든 것들
    특유의 느슨함이 대기 중에 스며 나왔다

    그러나 무엇이든 곧 우리를 다시 조여 올 것이다.


    Narration (Trans):
    I divided and put the bluest days of my life into the five sacks.
    The sacks were huge and heavy.
    I gathered some friends whose reliable and put the sacks into the car trunk.
    There was familiar yet unexplainable smell from the sacks
    and those smell made us either cautious or pious.
    But none of us opened our mouth as if we’re holding the tears. 
    We drove two hours and stopped at the dark riverside.
    We drowned four sacks into the water, each in two meters apart,
    and buried the last one in the forest close by the river.
    We had different opinions about burying the sack.
    Someone asked me if I was hesitating but not in the pushy way.
    But somehow everybody understood me.
    We all are aware of how desolate it gets for being determined.
    When everything has reached to the end, the slackness that is unique to “things coming to an end” pervaded into the atmosphere. 

    However, something else will strangle us. Pretty soon.  

    At first I thought it was “sacks” of people…someone murdered people and were gonna go bury it with their friends…and that hella creeped me out and then I reread the translation. Thank god. but then again………….WUUT D:::: Sdjfksndjkndsfkj
    and then the ending….
    o-o . uh.
    p.s. I love how his voice is so deep in this omg it’s like a totally different voice. I really like it though ahhaa XD but the music is kinda creepy so it’s kinda suggesting the literal burying the dead bodies…urm. WELL. O___O

    It does sound like his talking about sacks of dead bodies or something, of course it is mostly because of the music and his cold voice xD
    However in one of the interviews that eAeon(the singer/narrator) did, he revealed that this song was about his personal memory, which he didn’t revealed thoroughly lol
    He assured that it wasn’t about “scene after the murder”.
    But oh well, who knows what this is really about lol. It is you the listener’s right to feel whatever the hell you want about this song.  

    By the way, I love the little twists he did during this song, that made people confuse whether or not this is about cleaning up the mess of a murder or just merely talking about letting go of his youth (past) ;P

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    10cm - Kingstar

    I love their sensual yet nerdy lyrics haha

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    Mad Soul Child - Dear (Ending song of the movie “The Man from Nowhere” (“아저씨”))

    Just done with watching this movie and I’m T_T-ing all over 
    At first I regretted the fact that I decided to waste my time on it
    because there were just too much swearing in the beginning of the movie 
    Plus I haven’t really watched anything that Wonbin was starring
    (oh right I watched the movie “Mother” but that movie wasn’t about him, it was all focused on Kim Hyeja which was the actress who starred as the mother.)
    yeah of course I didn’t even watched the infamous 가을동화.
    I only know the phrase “웃기지마” and “얼마면 돼” since those parts were being played over and over on the variety shows. 
    So obviously I’m not a huge Wonbin fan.
    ………..well at least until an hour ago lol

    Long-ass-and-expected-to-be-fangirling-too-much-story short, this is a great movie with the great actors/actresses and great ending song. 
    Ten thumbs up if I had any extra thumbs <333333333

    P.S. Thanks for the great movie Wonbin, I think I’ll fall in love with you.
    However, it’s not all because you are one darn handsome guy
    and you had great abs and muscles in other parts of your body
    and you look hot even with the soldier-ish hairdo
    and your nice low voice, huge dark eyes, nice lips, big smile, or anything else.

    so anyways…..얼마면 되겠습니까? to have you as my “old guy in the neighborhood” xD


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    holy fuck the whole Korean on the background @_@
    it suits (both look AND definition-wise) well with the whole vid and music and all
    I guess happened to use Korean on his MV bcuz he was working with 2NE1 earlier xD
    oh and not to forget about how Nicki Minaj rocks with her pink stuffs and her corkiness

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    UV - No Cool, I’m Sorry

    This guy named 유세윤 (first guy appears in the vid) is becoming the legend as “born to be comedian” in Korea right now lol
    Yoo Seyoon u da u da best ROFL

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    Korean Acapella group “Redsoul” covering 까치까치 설날은 (nursery rhyme for new yrs in Korea) lol

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    돈을 버는일이 왜이케 어렵지
    근데 나한테는 쉬워 왜냐면 마약팔어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    dumbfoundead freestyle rapping in Korean lol
    he’s a cutie since now hahahahahah

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    Sookmyung Gayageum Orchestra (숙명 가야금 오케스트라) - Besame Mucho

    This is Gayageum version of “Besame Mucho”, which is very coool

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